Saturday, December 16, 2017


Message from the Principal,

Eric Andersen


It is hard to believe we are headed towards Spring!  This year has gone by terribly fast, but I think everyone is ready for Spring Break on March 13th through the 17th.  During this time, please keep in mind that the 3rd quarter is about to end on March 10th.  This is a time when we get to meet with you again during Parent Teacher Conferences that will be held on March 30th and 31st.  These conferences are very important times for you to be able to speak with your child’s teacher and see the progress your child has made over the year.  When you visit, please take a moment and fill out an evaluation form located at the main entrance to the school.  Your feedback is valuable to us!

Over Spring Break I hope you make time to read with your Child.  It is very important to keep the love of reading alive with your child.  Try to read regularly to them for 10-15 minutes a night before bedtime.  Take turns choosing books.  Your youngster may like to hear old favorites, but use your turn to introduce them to new stories and mix it up a little by choosing non-fiction and poetry!  If your child is very young, make sure to let them participate by having them turn the pages and finish sentences to stories they know.  Don’t forget to read slowly so your child has time to understand the story and to look at the illustrations.  All these strategies help children understand and communicate better in life while having fun at the same time.

Praise your child for their hard work and perseverance every day and focus on the positive!

Eric Andersen

Elementary Principal